Welcome to the "Open Up Your Heart" EP Media Centre

Release date - 24th June 2022

Publicity: Nancy Blackler Email: nancy@blackoutmusic.co.nz 

Management: Leah Cameron Email: leahz@xtra.co.nz

Scroll down below to the player so you can stream the EP tracks, download wav files, bio and full res photos files. Elevator pitch and video is also below...

Cheers bb

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File Downloads - wavs, jpegs etc...

Press Release PDF of June 23rd Press Release 423 KB
Brian Baker - Open Up Your Heart WAV file of EP Title track 38.1 MB
Brian Baker - New Kind Of Blue Track 2 of "Open Up Your Heart" EP 40.5 MB
Fool Track 3 from "Open Up Your Heart" EP 47.2 MB
Brian Baker - Blue Water Meditation Track 4 of "Open Up Your Heart" EP 21.2 MB
Brian Baker - Cornflake Girl Track 5 of "Open Up Your Heart" EP 50.7 MB
Cover of the "Open Up Your Heart" EP 3000 x 3000 jpeg 7.04 MB
Promo picture of Brian 1 B&W headshot 1 4.86 MB
Live mid shot of Brian Live mid shot of Brian - colour 9.03 MB

New Zealand based ORiGiN artist Brian Baker has a new Ep collection of songs due for release Friday June 24th featuring the focus song “Open Up Your Heart”. This is a new arrangement Brian has done of a song he originally wrote back in 2018. Having established a new studio space on his permaculture farm base this selection of recordings show off what he is capable of doing almost single handedly. 

The EP also includes another earlier song Brian had co-created with former Split Enz musical maestro Eddie Rayner when they had the band The Makers. “New Kind Of Blue” gets a new arrangement here as well. The EP also includes a charged up arrangement of the Tori Amos song “Cornflake Girl”. 

“We were doing  live TV show as The Makers in Sydney back in the early 1990’s” says Brian.  “And the other musical guest on the show was Tori Amos doing a piano vocal performance of “Cornflake Girl”. We were blown away by her immense talent and this particular song. I’ve always wanted to do my own take on it and here it is”. 

The EP also includes a lovely instrumental tune Brian composed titled “Blue Water Meditation” displaying his guitar skills. 

A video for “Open Up Your Heart” will coincide with the EP release, once again displaying Brian Bakers considerable guitar skills. 


Brian is launching the EP with a gig at The Ledge in Whangarel near where he lives on the North Island of NZ. Brian is also appearing at the Bay Of Islands Jazz and Blues Festival in August.